Wednesday, May 31, 2017


It's hard to believe almost half of the year is gone...praying for the saints to read and study His word daily.

1-Jun Ezekiel 8-10 Major Prophets - 3 Books
2-Jun Ezekiel 11-12
3-Jun Ezekiel 13-15
4-Jun Ezekiel 16-17
5-Jun Ezekiel 18-20
6-Jun Ezekiel 21-23
7-Jun Ezekiel 24-27
8-Jun Ezekiel 28-31
9-Jun Ezekiel 32-34
10-Jun Ezekiel 35-38
11-Jun Ezekiel 39-41
12-Jun Ezekiel 42-43
13-Jun Ezekiel 44-45
14-Jun Ezekiel 46-48
15-Jun Hosea 1-7 Major Prophets
1 Book But 12 Prophets
16-Jun Hosea 8-14
17-Jun Joel 1-3
18-Jun Amos 1-5
19-Jun Amos 6-9
20-Jun Obadiah; Jonah 1-4
21-Jun Micah 1-7
22-Jun Nahum 1-3; Habakkuk 1-3
23-Jun Zephaniah 1-3; Haggai 1-2
24-Jun Zechariah 1-7
25-Jun Zechariah 8-14
26-Jun Malachi 1-4
27-Jun Psalms 1-8 Wisdom Books
28-Jun Psalms 9-16
29-Jun Psalms 17-20
30-Jun Psalms 21-25

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 2017

Slightly behind on my postings....

1-May Isaiah 9-12 Major Prophets - 3 Books
2-May Isaiah 13-17
3-May Isaiah 18-22
4-May Isaiah 23-27
5-May Isaiah 28-30
6-May Isaiah 31-35
7-May Isaiah 36-41
8-May Isaiah 42-44
9-May Isaiah 45-48
10-May Isaiah 49-53
11-May Isaiah 54-58
12-May Isaiah 59-63
13-May Isaiah 64-66
14-May Jeremiah 1-3
15-May Jeremiah 4-6
16-May Jeremiah 7-9
17-May Jeremiah 10-13
18-May Jeremiah 14-17
19-May Jeremiah 18-22
20-May Jeremiah 23-25
21-May Jeremiah 26-29
22-May Jeremiah 30-31
23-May Jeremiah 32-34
24-May Jeremiah 35-37
25-May Jeremiah 38-41
26-May Jeremiah 42-45
27-May Jeremiah 46-48
28-May Jeremiah 49-50
29-May Jeremiah 51-52
30-May Ezekiel 1-3
31-May Ezekiel 4-7

Sunday, April 16, 2017

1 Peter Challenge

Studying/reading/listening to 1st Peter...I was challenging myself to read the first chapter daily; however, the speaker I've been listening to (William O. Einwechter) is progressing a littler faster than I had anticipated!

Now my challenge is to read the entire book - daily.  Only 5 chapters, it's interesting as I read and re-read to 'discover' words or phrases which are repeated...and then even more interesting when the teacher pinpoints or expands!

Perhaps 1st Peter isn't your preferred study at this time, maybe you're already studying something else (hopefully not a book on the Bible, but the actual WORD).  Have you considered reading and re-reading to find the nuances, to such the hidden nectar from it?

May you be challenged to spend time in our Father's Word, reading, absorbing, studying, researching; growing in understanding and wisdom of His gracious provision and guidance.

Here is a link for the 1st Peter study if you'd like to listen - scroll to the bottom to start at the beginning.

Father, bless Your children to study your word, that we might show ourselves to be approved, workman who need not to be ashamed.  Raise up godly teachers and instructors to proclaim Your Word, help us Lord to be focused upon You and giving/bringing You glory in all we do.